Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This assignment was to take a fellow classmate and paint them as an imaginary character in a fantastic setting. I used my friend Danny Ryba who was also working on a painting with myself as the model. We eventually decided to do a Knight sort of guy facing off with a Necromancer. Then we decided that it would be pretty cool (hopefully) to combine our paintings and make a sort of panoramic scene where a battle is moments away from the breaking point. 

First I'm going to post my side of the painting before completion of the overall panoramic and then post the finished one when it is ready.

So this is Danny as the Knight Commander:

Now unusually for me this is completely digital. I would eventually like to combine my traditional and digital stuff effectively but for now I am more pleased with this than my usually digital stuff.


  1. i stumbled upon your work whilst surfing through artists and friend's stuff. just wanted to say i really like your work!
    when coming up with a background do you just dive in and draw from your mind?


  2. Thank you so much, Laura. I really appreciate that.

    Actually, I'm terrible at drawing and painting out of my head. I usually spend a lot of time acquiring a lot of source imagery that I use as references that I just sort of visually compile together. That helps me a whole lot. Then I look at images with similar lighting to the ones I want or I even break down and make a loose maquette. It really does make a difference.

  3. ah, i'm the same way! i've never gotten to the point of making a a model before, but that's a pretty awesome idea i'll have to try sometime.

    thanks! always cool to hear how other people work.

  4. You should check out Imaginitive Realism by James Gurney.
    It's sort of like the bible of fantasy art.